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The faith-based movie “Overcomer” is finally in theaters! Baptist pastors and brothers, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, have another win with this movie. “Overcomer” had a strong opening, placing third at the box office its opening weekend and it grossed more than $8.2...

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It can be easy to forgive others when the act is small — when the damage is minor — when there are no deep emotional scars. But forgiveness becomes more difficult when the act is significant — when we feel hurt to our core — when we feel betrayed. That is a...

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Time with God

I wish I could tell you that I start every day with a daily devotion with God, but that would not be the truth. Excuses like “I have so much to do today,” "I’m running late and need to get to work,” I’ll take some time for God later,” etc. Quiet time and prayer...

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