The Loving on East Texas Challenge

Do you find yourself stressed? Do you need a break from all the negative news?

Just stop…take a deep breath…and do something nice for someone! It will change your day and theirs!!!

Join KVNE as we celebrate Christmas in July by taking the Lovin’ on East Texas Challenge.  It’s sharing the gift of Jesus’s love through small acts of kindness. Each day we will show love and kindness to a different community member.

Warning: You might find yourself in the holiday spirit more than ever before. It’s Christmas in July!

“love one another”  ~John 13:34

How to Take KVNE’s Lovin’ on ETX Challenge

Join us for 20 days to share Jesus’s love through small acts of love and kindness. Each day we will love on a different community member.

It’s starts July 3rd but you can join in anytime or participate as often as you like. It’s up to you and your family!

KVNE has done all the planning for you.  It’s easy and it could change someone else’s life. It might even be yours!

July 3             Day 1              Gas Station Worker
July 4             Day 2              Your Family
July 5             Day 3              My City Leaders
July 6             Day 4              Food Bank
July 7             Day 5              Lovin’ on our Listeners. Snow Day! Free Snow Cones*
July 8             Day 6              Law Enforcement
July 9             Day 7              A stranger
July 10          Day 8              Your boss
July 11          Day 9              Lawn workers
July 12          Day 10            Firefighters
July 13          Day 11            Senior Citizens
July 14          Day 12            Lovin’ on our Listeners. Snow Day! Free Snow Cones*
July 15          Day 13            Restaurant serves
July 16          Day 14            Veterans and Military
July 17          Day 15            Medical Personnel/Doctor/Dentist
July 18          Day 16            Your neighbor
July 19          Day 17            Fast Food workers
July 20          Day 18            Nurses
July 21          Day 19            Families in Need; Special Snow Day Event (see below)**
July 22          Day 20            Encourage a friend to listen to 89.5 KVNE

*Snow Day-Location and time to be announced. Free snow cones provided by KVNE while supplies last and weather permitting.

**Special Snow Day Event!Kick off to the Back to School Shoe Drive. Free Snow Cones, reindeer games from 11-1 at the KVNE studio.  Click here for directions. Bring a new pair of shoes for a child/teen in need. Weather permitting.

Step 1: Take the Pledge

Download and sign the “Lovin on ETX Challenge” pledge card. Post in your home or office to get you and your family excited to make a difference. Don’t forget to download the shareable graphic to let others know you are taking KVNE’s Lovin’ on ETX Challenge. Love & kindness are contagious!

Step 2: Make a Plan

Decide on your acts of love and kindness. You can download the “Ideas” sheet below to help spur ideas or come up with your own as a family.

It’s up to you when and how often to join in! Don’t forget to include a personalized “You are Appreciated” card with your act of love and kindness. These cards can be picked up at the KVNE studio, any of our KVNE Road Trips or download a printable version here.

Step 3: Share!

We invite you to download and print the “Lovin on ETX” sign below. Post your act of love & kindness with this sign on your social media page(s) and hashtag #LovinonETX.

Together, we can start a ripple effect of sharing Jesus’s love and kindness all over East Texas!