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Echo Company 3rd Regiment – Thanks!

Posted on September 5, 2014
By Fletcher Jonson

This letter came to KVNE in a package from SFC Brett Pierce, serving in Afghanistan today! “Thank you from the troops of Echo 3rd Aviation Regiment to the listeners of the KVNE Radio station. We appreciate your support and it’s always heartwarming when you’re so far from home to know you’re not forgotten and to receive care packages. In this box is a flag we flew over Afghanistan inside of an MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAV and a picture of some of the guys just goofing off.”

Flag over Afghanistan

Echo Co 3rd Regiment

As a mom of an Army soldier, Matt Stringer, I can’t express how proud this makes me to be part of this country, part of a military family and part of a ministry that cares about our men and women serving with honor and courage! Thank you for carrying them in your hearts and prayers!