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For the homeless

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Andrew Ripp, For King + Country  and MORE to come! Tickets and details here.

women's conference

Join us for a night of fun & fellowship on December 9. We will hear from local counselor Amy Waters. Worship led by singer & songwriter Hope Darst.

Christmas Music is coming!

Tune in Thanksgiving Day at 5pm for Christmas music! You can also listen year ’round on Evergreen.

Prayer Center

Have a prayer request? Want to join others in their prayer needs? Visit our Prayer Center here. 

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We love connecting with our listeners, so we’ve created lots of ways to do that (and these are just a few).

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Much of what we find on Facebook is unhelpful, at best, and discouraging, at worst. The 89.5 KVNE Facebook page aims to make Facebook a source of encouragement, a way to connect with our staff, and place for you to connect with your friends.

Have a question for a DJ? Want to request a song? We love getting to talk with our listeners directly, so feel free to give us a call!

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“What’s the name of that song?” and “Who sings that song?” are questions we’ve all asked (and been asked even more often by our children!). So, we’ve made the full list of songs played over the last few weeks available to you.


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Does God use KVNE to provide the encouragement you need to weather difficult seasons? Or transform the school drop-off line into a blessing? Or to keep your mind and heart focused on Christ in the midst of the daily grind?



The complete thoughts behind the encouraging snippets you hear on the air.

On-Air Blogs

Out Of Gas

It’d been a long couple of days. Lois had hip replacement surgery with stellar results. Doctors exclaimed, “Couldn’t have gone better!” The most important thing. Sure there were challenges. Long hours in the lobby. A lengthy overnight stay, complete with pokes,...

On-Air Blogs

Silent Percussionist

There’s a percussionist at our church. Chimes, shakers, cymbals, and congas all designed to accent the what the drummer is doing. He puts his whole being into it. He has a flare for the dramatic. There may be half the song when he doesn’t play at all, but the whole...

Encouraging Stories

The music has been a huge blessing to my family and me. KVNE has been a large part of my daily walk with God also. I listen on the way to work and on the way home since I have a 40-minute commute. The right song ALWAYS comes on at the right time.
Amy Higgenbotham

The love for the community that y’all extend is a beautiful testimony of Christ’s love. I especially love that y’all have shown up at my children’s school and prayed for them and their teachers. My children loved it! Thank y’all for sharing God’s love and Word!
Tricia Henry

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