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for kids & seniors

Concerts & Events

Andrew Ripp, Matthew West, CAIN, and MORE to come! Tickets and details here.

Marriage Date Night: a night of laughter & music

Need Valentines plans? Check out the Marriage Date Night. Details here!

deep in the heart

This conference showcases the heart of our Father through real stories by real women who have encountered a real Jesus. Registration & details here.

ignite your legacy

Calling all 6th-12th grade girls! Plunge deeper into God’s word with speaker Stephanie Ayala & worship led by Hannah Kerr! Details here.

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We love connecting with our listeners, so we’ve created lots of ways to do that (and these are just a few).

You know we’re at 89.5 on your FM radio, but did you know you can get the encouragement you need on your laptop and on-the-go?


Much of what we find on Facebook is unhelpful, at best, and discouraging, at worst. The 89.5 KVNE Facebook page aims to make Facebook a source of encouragement, a way to connect with our staff, and place for you to connect with your friends.

Have a question for a DJ? Want to request a song? We love getting to talk with our listeners directly, so feel free to give us a call!

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“What’s the name of that song?” and “Who sings that song?” are questions we’ve all asked (and been asked even more often by our children!). So, we’ve made the full list of songs played over the last few weeks available to you.


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Does God use KVNE to provide the encouragement you need to weather difficult seasons? Or transform the school drop-off line into a blessing? Or to keep your mind and heart focused on Christ in the midst of the daily grind?



The complete thoughts behind the encouraging snippets you hear on the air.

89.5 KVNE Photo GalleryOn-Air Blogs

The Big Deal

The Big Deal So what’s your deal? You may say, “Family,” or “Faith.” That’s good! Know this. When asked, we’re likely to respond with a big picture, widely accepted answer. But what would others say about you? If it’s not the same, maybe we should to re-evaluate...

89.5 KVNE Photo GalleryOn-Air Blogs

Choose The Chosen

Choose The Chosen Study the Bible. Pray. Get wisdom. Watch TV. That’s right. Watch TV. We’re all doing it anyway. Just remember to watch good stuff, too. Many Christian shows are subpar. The Chosen is done so well. It takes Jesus’ story and brings it to life! I...

89.5 KVNE Photo GalleryOn-Air Blogs


Expressions When we go to church, it’s a good first step in showing our love for God. But the Bible instructs us to praise and worship Him. Here’s our opportunity! Praise is defined, “express warm approval or admiration.” Worship: “express reverence or adoration.”...

Encouraging Stories

The music has been a huge blessing to my family and me. KVNE has been a large part of my daily walk with God also. I listen on the way to work and on the way home since I have a 40-minute commute. The right song ALWAYS comes on at the right time.
Amy Higgenbotham

The love for the community that y’all extend is a beautiful testimony of Christ’s love. I especially love that y’all have shown up at my children’s school and prayed for them and their teachers. My children loved it! Thank y’all for sharing God’s love and Word!
Tricia Henry

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