Become An 89.5 KVNE


Concerts & Festivals

We love being a part of this community and participating in local events where we connect with our listeners. Our volunteers work the 89.5 KVNE booth to free our DJs and staff members to do just that!


The 89.5 KVNE Valentine’s Drive, Care Packages for the Homeless Drive, Back to School Shoe Drive (among others) simply cannot happen without the help of our wonderful volunteers.

Partner Ministries

East Texas is loaded with Christ-centered ministries! We’ve partnered with many of them to serve and we would love your help helping them do what they do.


“I started listening to KVNE/KGLY around 2010. A marriage of 33 years had just ended and the music and the DJs gave me so much encouragement. When they had a chance to win a concert, I quickly put my name in, and I won! This set me on a new journey of volunteering. I have never looked back except to acknowledge the great blessing this station had been in my life. I have a family at KVNE/KGLY. I’m truly blessed!”

Lynne Boone

“I volunteer because I find it’s important to ‘get out of myself’ to realize my problems are not as big as I think they are. It reduces stress and pain. It’s an interaction with community, helping people who aren’t able to help themselves (when I help to feed the homeless), and I make new friends. It gives me pleasure to minister to others while volunteering.”

Mary Kaye Able

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