The God Shot with Tara-Leigh Cobble

Listen each weekday on KVNE as Tara-Leigh Cobble from The Bible Recap takes a passage of scripture one or a few verses at a time to explain how God’s love for us can be found in each and every verse. Let’s be encouraged together with real, quick, and easy to understand daily scripture. It’s the God Shot with Tara-Leigh Cobble!

My earliest memory is learning John 3:16 from my mom, shortly before my brother led me to Christ (while playing a board game!). Despite an early introduction to Jesus, I wasted years coasting on a second-hand information about Him based on things I learned from others. But when I finally read through the whole Bible, it changed everything for me! And I think it can do the same for you.

I spend my days helping people read, understand, and love the Bible! Those things include: hosting a daily podcast called The Bible Recap, leading D-Group International (an international network of Bible studies), speaking to audiences about God and His Word, writing books, leading trips to Israel, and hosting a daily radio show called The God Shot.

I love adventure, dabble in flying trapeze, and think every meal tastes better when eaten outside. I live in a concrete box in the skies of Dallas, TX, where I have no spouse, pets, or children—or anything else that might die if I forget to feed it.

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