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A Friendly Heads-Up for the 4th

Posted on July 3, 2013
By Nikki Martinez



A time to come together with food, friends, family, and a few fireworks–yes, it could be New Years Eve, but we haven’t reached the winter season quite yet. 4th of July is a fun time for many across East Texas, but to keep it fun, Tyler PD and Longview PD are reminding us of a few things for tomorrow:


The Tyler Police Department and Longview Fire & Police Departments remind everyone that all unauthorized fireworks are prohibited in both cities unless you have obtained a special permit from the City.  This ordinance includes firecrackers, bottle rockets, skyrockets or sparklers. In Longview, anyone caught with fireworks inside the City limits will be issued a citation with fines over $300.

All alcohol, smoking and fireworks are also not allowed in our City Parks that includes Lake Tyler Parks and Lindsey Park.  Please check your local media outlet for authorized fireworks programs.



Tyler and Longview Police also would like to remind the citizens that the discharge of firearms into the air in celebration is a violation of the law.  The act of discharging a firearm in the air is seen by some as a harmless expression of their parent culture or of good cheer.  The reckless use of any firearm is hazardous, and the act of indiscriminately discharging a firearm in celebration is not as harmless as some believe.

Celebratory Gunfire, that is, shots fired in the air, has caused injury, death and property damage worldwide. Any falling object of sufficient mass accelerated by gravity alone has the potential to cause serious injury or death. There are several documented instances of citizens being killed by gunfire in the United States alone.



The Tyler Police Department requests that drivers be aware of route changes for the 4th of July celebration at Lindsey Park on Spur 364.  Beginning at 8:30 p.m. Spur 364 at Greenbriar Road will be closed to all eastbound traffic.  Officers are requesting any resident who lives off Spur 364 between Loop 323 and Greenbriar Road, who needs to get to their residence during this time, to present their driver’s license showing proof of their residency to the officers stationed at this location. Officers will allow residents only to proceed westbound on Spur 364.

At the completion of the program, the two left turn lanes eastbound on Highway 31 at Loop 323 will be closed.  Traffic will not be allowed to turn left, north, onto Loop 323 from the eastbound lanes of Highway 31.  Please be aware of officers in the roadway directing traffic.