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Allergy Medicines and You!

Posted on April 18, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

The sniffling, sneezing and eyes that can’t see anything 4 inches in front of you. Sounds like the intro to a TV commercial, but it’s the reality behind horrible allergies. Thankfully, so far I haven’t had to deal with them that badly, but any part of it is annoying. To remedy them, meds could be the way to go…But where do you start?

Here are a few tips that could help you through the selection:

“If you’re debating on whether to buy name brand vs. generic, go generic. Generic medications generally have the same active ingredients, but cost much less. Loratadine, for example, costs just $13 for a month’s supply as opposed to over $18 for its name brand counterpart, Claritin. To trim your costs even further, head to Costco where you can grab a 1-year supply of 400 tablets for less than $13.

Next, don’t fall for fancy packaging. Liquids, chewable pills and quick-dissolve tablets are priced higher than regular tablets, while liquid medications can cost up to 70 percent more.

If you’re looking for a cheap non-pharmaceutical way to keep allergies at bay, try a neti pot. Since 80 percent of allergens affect you through your nasal passages, the popular nasal irrigation method has been proven to quickly relieve symptoms. And for less than $20, one purchase can last you months. Just make sure to follow specific directions on how to make a proper saline solution.”

—- DailyFinance


Any helpful remedies that work for you? Let me know at Nikki@kvne.com