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Are we scented candles or the real deal?

Posted on April 21, 2014
By Fletcher Jonson

I admit it,  I love scented candles and wax that makes my apartment smell like I’ve just baked a billion dozen cinnamon cookies or just washed and line dried a load of linen even when I’ve not been close to the oven or the washer!

I sniff through a batch of bars to find the right scent to go in my warmer in the living room, and something different for the upstairs bath…making sure it’s just the right smell and mood I want.  I laugh even as I talk about it because one of my old Morning Show partners (Dave Cruise) used to say that he hated it when someone lit a Sugar Cookie candle in his house because if it’s going to smell like a cookie…there should be a cookie!

I was thinking about that, are we coming off in this world like people that masquerade or “smell” like Jesus but we really aren’t like him much past that?

I mean the idea is that we are intimately involved with Christ in our life and so when we are publicly out and about with others we should not only smell like Jesus but we should be that “cookie” authentic Jesus with skin on at the end of that smell.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I know that there are times when I’ve just kind of forgotten to be that authentic  Jesus with skin on sweet smell for others and I’m just a scented “wanna be”.  So, I’m working to be the “cookie authentic” of Jesus…and not only smell like him but act like him too. It’s a daily work, but the good news is Jesus is still working on me and I’m learning little by little.

However, I’ll be honest –  if you come to my house and you smell cookies or linen, that’s still wax .