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August 13th Evening Show Recap

Posted on August 13, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

You have a busy day, and your evening is just as busy. And when it comes to sitting and actually listening to some music, you’re grateful if you can get a few minutes of some tunes. With 5 hours, you probably were able to grab a few minutes of what was talked about, so here’s what you may have missed tonight:


*Going on now until Friday, children from lower-income families can grab 2 school uniforms for free through the Khakis for Kids drive, hosted by the St. Paul Children’s Foundation. The drive is also collecting school supplies and backpacks. Find out how to help or how to benefit from this HERE


*It’ll be happening once again, and this time it’ll make a stop in Fort Worth. I’m talking about Winter Jam 2013, which will kick-off it’s next leg November 9th, and bringing a HUGE group of your favorite artists!WinterJam


*Another Postcard Scam is hitting East Texas, this time possibly affecting those in Harrison County. Officials are warning that if you receive a green postcard in the mail, “promising” you of a pending cash grant in your name, it’s a lie. It’s actually one of the older scams making it’s rounds again, trying to see if people will send money to a P.O. Box to “receive” money. Don’t fall for it–just chunk it out.

Book Sale 2013 Fall Web

*When trying to expand your personal library collection, or get rid of a few too many, Book Sales are a great place for either. Good news for you, the Tyler Public Library will be having their Annual Summer Book Sale, going on from Thursday-Sunday, where a good chunk of books will be $1 or less! All sales go to purchasing new or replacement copies of books for the library.


*A soda a day may not be a bad thing, but probably not the healthiest of choices of beverages. And now research has proven that more than a few a day can affect more than just your weight. 3 sodas a day or more can decrease your chances of having children, and increases your chance of an early death. I love Dr. Pepper, but not that much!