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August 14th Evening Show Recap

Posted on August 14, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

When you speak for a living, anything that hinders that can be frustrating to no end. These last few days have been slightly that way, having to deal with a rascal of a canker sore inside my mouth. Been trying some of the home-remedies friends on Facebook have tossed my way, yet it doesn’t want to budge, just hurt me.

Canker sore

But for some remedies to work, you have to have patience and give it time. Here is another remedy and other info I chatted about during the show tonight:



*When it comes to splinters, you can either try to grab it out with a tweezer…or a piece of bread. Take a piece of bread and soak it lightly in some milk. Then, wrap it tightly around the splinter area like a bandage and leave it alone for quite a few hours or overnight. The splinter should be drawn out into the bread!


*Not so sweet are the burn bans having to be issued, but this heat isn’t wanting to let go! Another county added to the list is Nacogdoches County. For the complete list, check it out HERE


*You’ve never been personally diagnosed with cancer, and your somewhere between 30 and 65 years old. Well, the American Cancer Society and Tyler hospitals are looking for YOU for a Cancer Prevention Study they’re conducting right now. If interested, click on the link HERE



*Good news for penny savers (including myself). Next month, officials are seeing that gas prices will be dropping 10-20 cents a gallon. A few extra dollars in the bank is always a sweet thing.


*Get those food processors out and log on to Pinterest, because there seems to be a connection to food allergies and unprocessed baby food. Babies who have unprocessed foods first are less likely to develop food allergies, because they’re being introduced to the actual, raw formulas of the foods: carrots, peas, broccoli, etc.