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Empower our family of Christ-centered stations to be the voice of encouragement and praise!

Why A Business Partnership?

Community Awareness

Becoming a Business Partner with KVNE is a step into the heart of our listening community. Your business or non-profit will be warmly recognized on-air and hold a distinguished position in our online Business Partners Directory.

Brand Credibility

When you become a Business Partner, it’s more than a collaboration.  It's an alignment of values and mission. With 40 years of ministry to stand on, you have entered a space of earned credibility. Our listeners have grown to recognize and appreciate the discernment in our associations. By partnering with us, you position your business or non-profit directly in the sightline of an audience that values and seeks out these associations.

Gospel Advancement

At KVNE, it's not about broadcasting; it's about broadcasting the Gospel. Imagine millions, each hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, finding encouragement, and reigniting their passion to pursue Him. People need Jesus. As a Business Partner, you ensure that together, we continue to direct hearts toward Him.

Ready to talk about a KVNE Business Partnership?
KVNE Business Partner levels!
  • $1,000 per month.  Our highest giving level!  Seven on-air mentions per week on KVNE!  BEST VALUE!
  • $750 per month.  Five on-air mentions per week on KVNE!
  • $450 per month.  Three on-air mentions per week on KVNE!
  • $150 per month.  One on-air mention per week on KVNE.


“I have personally listened to KVNE for over 15 years. About 10 years ago I directed my service personnel to set the number 1 preset in every new Nissan we get to 89.5. Trey Patterson instills in everyone he meets that God is the center of his life and his business and I will carry on that message as long as I am here. Thank you KVNE for always airing a positive message.”
Ray Cox

General Manager, Patterson Nissan

Being a Business Partner with KVNE means we have a part in keeping these stations on the air and spreading God’s Word in East Texas in a way that is unique to this ministry. We have listened to KVNE in my dental office since I opened my practice in 1991. Wow – that many years of commercial-free Christian music and encouragement! I feel that Christian music sets the mood in my office both for my staff and our patients. It helps to open deeper conversations with our patients and pray for them when they express needs. It also introduces people to contemporary Christian music if they have never heard it before. We will continue to support because I cannot imagine being at work without KVNE playing in the background.
Dr. Paul Latta

Owner, Latta Family Dentistry

Our Partners

62 percent of people who listen to Christian radio said they would “shop more at a known business” if they heard it on Christian radio. This is compared to 33% of all radio-listening customers.

(Business partners list coming soon)