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Posted on October 12, 2020
By Mike Harper

The Chosen is an ongoing dramatic and historical account of the life of Jesus and who He is.

To say it’s very well done glosses over the extensive thought, research, and presentation this fine series offers. The characters are portrayed as culturally authentic, yet the film allows for modern-day westernized language and situations making them extremely relatable.

Particularly compelling are the miracle scenes. They bring life to these familiar stories as their recipients and witnesses react with real and believable emotion. They’re raw, heart-rending, and poignant. I couldn’t help but be emotionally drawn in myself.

Finally, Jesus’ character is incredibly compelling. His eyes are kind and His smile contagious. Yet His earnestness is unflinching. As He shows grace, speaks kindness, and performs miracles, it’s not only awe-inspiring, but it’s done in such a beautiful way it makes Him wonderfully approachable.

I believe this series will draw thousands of people to a closer walk with God, encouraging us all to dig deeper in our relationship with Him.

For these, and other heart-felt reasons, it’s difficult to even articulate of all the many Jesus films I’ve seen, if asked to pick a favorite, I choose The Chosen.


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