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Customer Service, 2.0

Posted on May 6, 2013
By Nikki Martinez
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The things you can do with social media! (did this Feb. 2012)



Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media in between can come in handy for more then just posting what you and your friend had for lunch today. When it comes to customer service, The Savings Experiment suggest using these fine tools to get a business’s attention if they messed-up somewhere. They said just by using the phrase, “What would you do in my situation?” and addressing it straight to a certain company’s Twitter or Facebook name could have responses come alive.

Now, we’re not saying to complain constantly or even defame a business out in the world–it’s not showing Jesus’s love! But, when something does need to be addressed, address it on the social web. This also can save you money on your phone bill and save you minutes, or even hours, of NOT having to listen to Muzak!

There is also a website called GetHuman, which can connect you with the right departments you need to contact to make sure business is handled the right way. Be precise, be polite, and be the person God would be proud of 🙂