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Do You Need A “Good Job” At Times?

Posted on April 26, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

They’re called “Man’s Best Friend,” but not all dogs are the sweetest, most loving creatures around. In fact, there are some cats that seem like angels compared to some dogs ready to chase your jogging self down the street. Today, thankfully, I didn’t meet the exception!

Walking to my car, a sweet girl from one of the apartments was walking back to her place with her small puppy just trailing along. We exchanged “Good Mornin'” pleasantries, with me following with the comment, “Your dog is cute.” My hope was that the little furry thing would happily keep walking and not become one of those barking ankle-biters some are. Sure enough, he just was ready to have me pet him, as if the word ‘Cute’ really meant something to him. What followed out of the lady’s mouth next struck me with a chuckle as she let him come close to me to pet him: “He just loves to feel affirmed and appreciated.”

Woah! A little doggie, no bigger then most of my stuff animals from youth, wanted to feel appreciated. How crazy true this is for myself so often, and maybe even for yourself! My #1 love language is Words of Affirmation, and I can tell you that the greatest way you can hit me in the heart  and make my face turn red with embarrassing joy is by saying or writing something encouraging about me. It’s that one moment I can breathe a sigh of relief that the work I’m doing isn’t going to waste, and that I’m not being a slacker in whatever it is I’m doing. You may be very much like myself, just needing that, “Good job,” said here and there. And the thing is that it’s never really an ego thing, and it’s never really that you need to be in spotlight. In fact, you will always put your best foot forward in anything that you do, in any relationship that you’re involved with. That Affirmation and Appreciation is more about getting a reality-check on the road you’re on, knowing that you aren’t going off the track into a nearby ditch.


Even though you and I know that the dog probably didn’t need that affirmation, it still was sweet to think about. But there are those people who really do need those words and that, “You Rock” now and again! So take the time to find out 1.) What your loved ones’ Love Languages are and 2.) Show some appreciation and affirmation to one of them this weekend. You’ll be surprised to see the reaction after it’s all said and done.

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