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Gnats in the Outfield…messing up my game!

Posted on May 14, 2014
By Fletcher Jonson

I used to be pretty athletic; played almost every sport a girl could get her hands, gloves, bat, racquet or shoes into when I was younger.  I was still playing softball, although badly, about five years ago.

I remember being in the outfield playing softball on a summer evening. You’d be out there when the lights came on and before you could duck for cover out came the swarms of gnats! They would fly around your face and in your eyes (heaven forbid if your mouth was open to say anything!).  Sometimes you could hold your glove above your head and they would fly around that for a while, but in no time at all they would be back in your face!

These flying menaces are tiny, not much bigger than a head of a pin, but they were always in your face and making it hard to concentrate on the game…you could miss the ball hit to your position because of these tiny little dive bombers!  When you think about it, tiny little flying things and big softball – no contest right?! Wrong…being bugged by these gnats kept your attention on them and not on the game itself!

Fast forward to this time of life, there are little gnats in life…little frustrations that fly in the face of you trying to get to your daily life and routine.  Maybe it’s traffic, or financial issues, maybe it’s frustrations with maintenance on your house, or car…maybe it’s the kids acting out or your spouse not listening. Whatever your little gnats are, even though they can be tiny and insignificant, they pull your attention from the real truth about your life. They make you concentrate on the bother instead of the blessings!

So, when the little gnats of life begin to pull your attention away from your true purpose… to glorify God in this world by showing the truth of who HE is on a fleshly basis…then it’s time to refocus on the game!

If this isn’t a good reminder for you in your life, that’s okay, because this message is mostly for my own good! As God so often does, by my reminding you of this truth, I get a hefty dose of “THIS IS FOR YOU, SUSAN