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Handle With Care!

Posted on April 23, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

You find a $20 bill on the ground as you walk straight from the grocery store automatic sliding doors to your small, yet reliable car. It’s easy to assume that the person who lost this is no where to be found and probably will never realize it’s disappeared. But do you keep it?

It’s a moral question that one woman had to face, but on a MUCH bigger scale. After probably a hard-days work at the golf course she was busy at, an employee in Florida found a golf bagged filled with $36,000! Yeah, the $20 bill doesn’t look as big of a deal now, does it? Yet, the reality is that no matter if it’s a few 10’s or a few 10 thousands, it’s not ours. This lady thankfully turned it over, and the elderly man it belonged to was happy to get it back. And that $20 could be someone’s who is happy to have it back as well (as I know I’d be). What’s ours isn’t really ours, it’s God’s–our money, our time, even our best friends in life. And just because you find something doesn’t mean we can claim the whole “Finders Keepers” mentality! But how do you really deal with these things that are placed in our lives, sometimes quite sporadic?

RingsI realized today, just as important it was for that employee to take care of and turn in with care that $36,000, I should be taking care of the things, the people, my Lord places in my life. This money that He let’s me earn, this food He lets me consume, this man He’s given me to be my partner here on Earth–this all is not mine! And in all reality, I should handle every single aspect with care until the rightful owner (Christ) is ready to take it from me, but I do find it hard sometimes. Even this morning I can say I didn’t handle my husband with the care I need to always be doing, and that’s just down-right wrong. I am blessed to have all that our Creator has given to me, so may He grant me wisdom to Handle it All With Care!


What are you maybe not taking care of as best as you maybe could be? Always feel free to email me at Nikki@kvne.com




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