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How to Spark a Nationwide Revival!

Posted on January 22, 2013
By Mike Harper

The need for genuine revival in America is so staggering, I predict an onslaught of organizing, marketing, blitzing social media, and booking the top speakers and bands in hopes that God will show up at some major venues.  Fortunately, it won’t work!

We can be glad it won’t work! Because it would be a superficial fiasco with little lasting value! Why? Because we have huge events all the time! We are the “We Generation” accustomed to all wearing pink, flying the colors, and rallying for the cause when asked. We’re not apathetic! We show up at conferences, events, and mega-churches! And lo and behold there IS a tremendous revival going on! It’s called the New Atheism! The Secular Movement! And the I’m-Scared-To-Turn-On-The-News Movement!

So why am I being such a sour patch gripe? Because I’ve fried my nerves trying to figure out how WE are going to get together and bring down revival fire with a 3-Step Plan! Sokody what I have to tell you is very boring: revival starts with me. Individual revival is the only way to corporate revival. I am to love God, love others, and ask him to use me in my sphere of influence. That starts in my heart, my home, and my block!

By the way, I do hope we all keep getting together! Maybe a big barbecue?