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July 29th Evening Show Recap

Posted on July 29, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

It’s a moment that solidifies what you’re doing actually is happening. You can’t turn around, you can’t back out, and there’s reality to your goal, dream, or investment. That moment happened today when I heard, and saw, my hubby’s business in the local newspaper! After only a month of getting everything together, Suburban Butler Errand Service is off the ground and looking for clients, and I couldn’t be any prouder 😀

My prayer is that everyone can experience a moment of pride, joy, and positive reality like this at least once in their life (or God-willing, more than once). Besides some local fun, here’s what else went down during the show the show this evening:


*A possible change in mail delivery could interfere with lives in a big way. The US Postal Service has been in talks about cancelling Door-to-Door, Mailbox-to-Mailbox delivery of mail, and instead creating cluster mailboxes (very similar to those at apartment complexes). This could pose a problem for those with disabilities or the elderly. HERE is a little more about what’s happening


*It’s all about the internet baby! Well, jobs that is, and with Amazon to be exact. The company just announced earlier today that they are planning on hiring around 7,000 new employees, almost all of them full-time! You may have to move, but go where God wants you to go, always asking for that guidance.


*They may be a yummy treat to some, in the hands of kids Hard Candy can be dangerous! A new study shows that hard candy is the #1 choking hazard among little ones, followed by gum, meat, bones, fruits, and veggies. Thank goodness I enjoy chocolate more then butterscotch candies. 

Hard Candy