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July 30th Evening Show Recap

Posted on July 30, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

It’s the day of Cheesecake….and I completely forgot! Then again, I didn’t grab any wings or lasagna yesterday on Chicken Wing Day and Lasagna Day. But it’s CHEESECAKE, and so utterly yummy! Oh well, enough of my disappointment in forgetting a food for the day. Let’s look into what else was talked about this Tuesday night:


Chris August




*The man with a new album plan, Chris August, is busying putting some finishing touches on what’s bound to be some more talented ear-candy.







*Harrison County residents should be advised that there is a burn ban in effect as of today. With some of the dry conditions recently, it makes sense why any outdoor burning could be dangerous.


*If you could at some point, please pray for the children who were injured in a freak daycare accident that happened earlier today in Kansas City. Investigation is still going on with how and why a car ran right into the building. Pray also for a peace over the friends and parents of these little ones.


Marks Training



*Mark Schultz is either a crazy man or a crazy genius with his latest endeavor! He is taking on a Triathlon in a few months, so I guess this is what training looks like:


*The results were in from the NEW MUSIC SHOWDOWN #2, and with it being a very tight race, the guys from Florida, All Things New, were added to the playlist! Keep a look-out though for Unspoken–I have a feeling they’re not going anywhere just yet 😉



*Never a bad idea to wash those fruits and veggies, and even more so these last few weeks. Hundreds of cases of the cyclospora stomach bug have been popping up across the country, including here in East Texas. And now the culprit may be something you have in the fridge right now: bagged salad. No name brands have been released, but officials suggest to wash all of the contents in the bag before eating any of it, unless you really want to be in the bathroom for awhile.


*It’s going to be a PAR-TAY starting in September for Building 429. They’ll be hitting the road with The Afters, Hawk Nelson, and Finding Favour, all starting Sept. 19th to be exact. Can we say fun!



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