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Kevin Max Bids Adios to Audio A

Posted on September 5, 2014
By Fletcher Jonson

If you hadn’t heard, earlier this summer, Kevin Max officially stepped down as the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline (in June). He says it was a very amicable decision based on where he and the band wanted to take their music style. The band is moving in a more worship style and Kevin’s project is more indi-pop. He says, “I love the guys and we have been through a lot together, but after much prayer, counsel and a leap of faith, I have decided to go my own way once again. We remain great friends and I am definitely involved in The Hands and Feet Project with Mark [Stuart], and hopefully writing for any projects they do as well. Keep the all in your prayers as they go separate ways and continue to be the Hands and feet of God!

In honor of that continued collaboration, enjoy the pre-Kevin Audio A song “Hands and Feet” and the Kevin Max-led Audio A song inspired by that ministry project, “Kings and Queens.”

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