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Carrie Parsons

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We lived in Cleveland until I was 5, hardly long enough for me to remember the snow. We moved to what I thought was the opposite of Cleveland: Tucson, Arizona.  I didn’t see snow again until I was in my 30’s.

I graduated from Palo Verde High School in Tucson & Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, Texas.

I thoroughly enjoy camping, vintage campers, and pretty much anything old (houses, antiques, collectibles).

I attend Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler.

I love how God uses this ministry to draw people closer to Him. I love that He uses every part of this ministry to do that…a song, a prayer stop….maybe even someone walking in to ask for directions (it’s happened – I’ve seen it)! I love that God allows us to be a part of it all. He doesn’t have to, but He does. Over and over for more than 3 decades our listeners have supported this ministry! I’m so thankful for that! 

I started here in 1999, when I was ten years old. (Part of that sentence may or may not be true). 😉

KVNE is a unique part of east Texas, and I love that I get to live here and be a part of it.

Carrie Parsons

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When I’m 64

When I get older, losing my hair many years from now… The song came out when I was nine. To ever be 64 was way off my radar. Not even the Beatles were 64. Nobody was 64! Nobody except maybe my Grandpa Joe. And Bing Crosby. But not me! I was a kid in the 1960s....

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

Christmas Anyway

This Is no Hallmark movie. This hurts. You had high hopes for the holiday and something spoiled it. Family conflict. Financial tension. Physical distance. A million things can go wrong. When it happens at Christmas, it’s amplified. And at Christmas it’s all the...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

What about Me?

I want it. Me first. That’s mine. These are phrases we teach kids to avoid, but even we adults have to ward against them. Our go-to mode is “me.” We’re born to protect and promote self. Hopefully over the years we learn to balance it and even put others first. But...

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