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Nikki Martinez

About Nikki

Nikki Martinez! She’s a rock start and here are a few fun facts you may want to know:

Nikki grew up in the Houston area, went to Baylor University, where she majored in Film & Digital Media, and started her radio journey through internships while at Baylor.

Nikki is a massive movie and music nerd. Let’s just say her DVD and Music collections could be turned into a museum if needed. 

Nikki’s first “real job” in radio was October of 2007 in Conway, NH. After that, radio has taken her back to different parts of Texas, and then to California.  

It was in Northern California that Nikki met her best friend and husband, Business Owner and Recreational Therapist, Nathan. It was a blessing to meet him and his family there, and an even BIGGER blessing that Nathan actually wanted to move to Texas before meeting Nikki. Well, literally a month after getting married, Nathan got his dream of moving and the 2 settled into East TX (A LOT of adjustments for sure).

Nikki started at Encouragement Media Group on April 15 (yes, tax day), 2013, and has enjoyed every bit of this fun, crazy, God-fearing, solid family!

Now, years down the road, Nikki and Nathan are enjoying life with their daughter Izzy and 2 doggies, Anna and Alice. They like to play board games, eat good food, and take adventures to explore the world around them! They call Grace Community Church their church home.

Nikki Martinez

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