Leap of kindness

This February 29th, help us celebrate the leap year by spreading kindness throughout our community, one act at a time.

Inspired by the simple yet profound act of generosity, listeners are encouraged to participate by anonymously paying for someone else’s meal or coffee this February 29th. Whether it’s a cup of coffee to kickstart someone’s morning or a meal to brighten their day, this act fosters a culture of goodwill and compassion, igniting a ripple effect of positivity throughout our listening communities!

Join us in making someone’s day a little brighter, one small leap of kindness at a time.

How does it work? It’s simple!

Step 1

From restaurants to coffee shops, check to see if there’s a kindness train started in your area below!

step 2

Go to the location closest to you, get in line and tell them that you want to be a part of the “Leap of Kindness”.

Step 3

Order yourself something and while you’re there, pay for the person behind you. It’s that simple!

don’t see your location below?

Not a problem! It’s time to be adventurous and start a “Leap of Kindness” train in your local community. Once you do, comment below and we’ll add it to this page as a location option!

leap of kindness locations

Click your city to see locations that are currently active!

Tyler, TX
  • Likewise Coffee – 2459 Mosaic Way Suite A Tyler, TX 75701
  • Crema Coffee – 2251 Three Lakes Pkwy #107, Tyler, Texas 75703
Mt. pleasant, TX
  • Jo’s – 102 N Jefferson Ave, Mount Pleasant, TX 75455
  • Hebrews – 330 W Ferguson Rd, Mount Pleasant, TX 75455
Shreveport, la
  • MOOR Coffee Co. – 4110 Youree Dr, Shreveport, LA 71105

Need to add a location?

Don’t see your location listed above? Leave us a comment and we’ll add it in there once you’ve officially started a new train!

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