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Let’s NOT Get This Gift for the Kid

Posted on June 6, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

I will always remember my well-meaning uncle getting my baby brother a present for his 3rd birthday that wasn’t as much sweet as was terrifying: a clown doll that cackled. That’s right, right up there with Mr. Jack-in-the-Box and a puppet with dead eyes was this pull-string doll, which I felt would give me nightmares until I was 20!

When it comes to picking the right toy for your niece, nephew, or other child in your life, maybe these ones should be avoided as well:

Baby Stuff

Not everyone knows what the kid is into; we get that. And some of the child-free friends don’t really know what is age-appropriate. But you know what happens when someone blows $50 on baby books for an 8-year-old? As kind as it was, that entire pile of books just gets donated to the local library.

Another Stuffed Animal

Please! For the love of all that is holy! Not ANOTHER stuffed animal. There’s barely any room for the kid left in the bed at night as it is.

Anything With Small Pieces

These things have a million itty bitty pieces that either A. end up under someone’s foot or B. end up getting lost and rendering a particular toy completely useless.

Beauty Supplies

The kiddie bath sets are just so cute, aren’t they? What with the hormone-interrupting chemicals and the cancer-causing chemicals and the ability to make my 8-year-old look like she’s 16 …


Most people have a finite amount of space in their house. If it’s bigger than a piece of furniture, keep it at your house!

A Pet

This is not a present for a kid! It is more work for mom!