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No Fridge, No Problem

Posted on July 5, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

The picnics will still be popping up this July 4th weekend, and you want to help. Yet, in your mind you know that you have errands to run in between making the side and actually going to the cook-out, and you don’t have an ice chest to keep it cool. I’ve been there too many times, and have even seen people sadly toss away their side that they knew could get people sick. But have no fear, there are dishes you can bring and never worry about anyone running to the bathroom:

1. Watermelon. Sure it’s a huge fruit (and heavy), but oh what fun it is to eat the often messy watermelon outside during a picnic. It’s refreshing, tastes great, has a high water content so it’s hydrating, and you don’t have to worry about it dripping all over your floors. Get messy and enjoy.

2. Crackers and dips. Get some well seasoned crackers of your liking and a dip that will withstand a little heat and it’s the perfect munching picnic snack.

3. Pasta salad. Make a pasta salad with olives, feta cheese, small sliced veggies, and salad dressing or a pesto.

4. Veggie snacks. Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery … you get the idea! Use some of the dip from the crackers, too.

5. Sundried tomato and basil sandwiches. Spread some sundried tomatoes (a spread or whole) and add basil. Cut into fours and pack for the picnic.

6. PB&J. Good old peanut butter and jelly to the rescue.

7. Hazelnut or almond butter sandwiches. Sweeten your sandwiches with hazelnut or almond butter. Spread it on sandwich bread, cut in fours, and it’s almost like dessert.

8. Salami and cheddar cheese rolls. Forget the bread! All you need is thinly sliced cheddar cheese and roll inside salami. Yum!


Thanks so much Michele Zipp for the info