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Oh The Migraine

Posted on April 22, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

For you, the person who has majorly horrendous migraines quite frequently, my condolences!!

Not sure if it was a caffeine headache, a dehydration headache, or a headache from talking about so many ideas with my friend and co-worker Jill, but I got one just a few hours ago and it was TORTURE. I’m telling you, the pain when from 0 to 80 in almost 2 minutes flat, yet just stayed there like a race car that’s part of the Indy 500. It got so bad I almost wanted to play Heads Down, Thumbs Up…and I was the only one in my shared office.

Quickly I figured out that I’ll put my Facebook status to good use and grab some household remedies (seeing I’m lacking the aspirin needed to take this away). I have to say, a common theme of “drink caffeine” came about on the string of ideas, with a “drink water” and elaborate “push through the pain” thrown in.

And with so many suggestions comes some trial and error, so what are some ideas that have been given to you for this very common problem? Let me know your homemade fix at Nikki@kvne.com



FB Post on 4-22-13