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On-Air Announcements

Everything you need to know about on-air announcements at 100% commercial-free, listerner-supported 89.5 KVNE.

Stuff You Should Know

  • Due to the numerous requests from worthy non-profits and churches, this announcement policy was drafted to provide the best “radio” for our listeners…while at the same time providing a way for non-profits to announce their events.  We would like to accommodate everyone’s request, but it wouldn’t give us time to play encouraging Christ-centered music!
  • As a listener supported commercial-free station, we rely on the generosity of our listeners to remain on the air.  Since our listeners are the ones who pay the bills, we honor their commitment by limiting ALL announcements.
  • On-air announcements are for registered 501 c(3) non-profits.  Proof of status is required.
  • We are unable to promote or attend individual fundraisers/concerts/benefits/dinners  for families or individuals.
  • We cannot legally accept commercial advertising from for-profit companies or conduct fundraising for other organizations per the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  • Interviews– requests are only considered that are consistent with our format and on a VERY limited basis unlike commercial radio.
  • On-air ticket giveaways-reserved for Promotional Packages only

Due to the number of requests, we are booked months in advance; therefore, it is essential to contact us well before your event.


Community Events Calendar

  • For free or low-cost family events
  • Great way to get the word out at no cost to your organization
  • Event submission must be two (2) weeks in advance of event and must be approved by staff

Submit Your Community Event

Promotional Packages

  • For event or concerts where tickets are sold.
  • Guaranteed on-air space.
  • Fee associated
  • Packages are excepted on a VERY limited basis and must be approved by management.
  • Please note this is not traditional advertising as we are commercial-free station.  The fees associated help offset some direct expenses, but the listener are the ones who pay the bills at the station.  Therefore, these announcements are limited and must meet certain requirements.
  • Concert promoters must be a  registered 501 (C)3.

Contact Jennifer Bailey for details

KVNE Road Trips

  • Do you have a unique events and would love some additional promotion?  Invite 89.5 KVNE to be a part of your event. We bring the excitement, giveaways and live reporting!
  • Application must be submitted 30 days prior to your event.
  • All requests are based on vehicle availability and service to the entire station audience.

Apply for a KVNE Road Trip

Community Sponsorships

  • We can sponsor your event with in-kind, on-air announcements.
  • All requests must be made via application and approved.
  • Based on availability.
  • Your application must be submitted at least 45 days prior to your event.
  • For more info, click the button below!

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