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This prayer might not mean that much with what is going on in this world. I been pray for help I work 9 yrs at position that process plant in Tyler, Texas the hours have drop dramatically and last year I bought a house that was miracle to get now I might loose it payments are getting hard to pay. I got in trouble because I work 70 hrs. so they said I must 45 to 50 hrs. week. Also during Covid I work double shift to keep the plant for moving because my co-works were sick with Covid I work a month by my self that killed health issues had to be on bicpap machine when I sleep (that is very expensive) because double shift. I have been put gas, health medication and food on credit cards that is getting hard pay too. But praying production will pick up so I can keep my house keep my car also I try get part time job that might make me very tired i just need to be strong don't give up. I see lot of prayer on here ill keep yall in my prayers as well God bless yal'l

Received: October 3, 2022

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