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My brother had a catastrophic stroke the Sunday before Christmas. It is a basal ganglia hemorrhagic stroke. It is a brain bleed deep in the brain. Luckily, my sister-in-law found him shortly after it began and got him to the hospital quickly (by ambulance). The doctors and nurses were amazed that he did as well as he did. He stayed in ICU for a couple of days. He has had music therapy. He is still unable to talk, just names and nods or shakes head. His left side is completely mobile. He right side arm does not rise but he can wiggle his toes on both feet. They found some kind of growth on his thyroid which they cannot take care of. It will be done outpatient. He had an NG tube until this past Sunday. Now he has a peg. They are waiting for the swelling and soreness of his throat to go down before trying a swallow test again. He is a preacher but does not have his own church. My sister-in-law put his church's service on the IPad in his room and we have video of him raising his arm and praising with the music. The prayer request is for his brain to get rewired and all his limbs to be working and his language skills to come back. He loves to preach. My daddy was a preacher too. We are a family of believers!

Received: January 3, 2023

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