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Dawn Henbest

Please pray for me I suffer from pain in my legs I'm afraid that I will have trouble walking in the future I'm 50 years old please pray that God will heal my pain through my legs I have trouble walking I'm going to put I'm afraid in the future I won't be able to walk please pray that God will touch my aunt Donna's heart change her heart around she's holding grudges and judging me from the past I gave her a card and then I took the card cuz I wanted to give it to my conservator she's holding a grudge towards me because of that our relationship is falling apart please pray to God will touch your heart that you will stop holding a nasty garage towards me I want a relationship to be at peace she won't let me come over the house for overnights cuz she's holding the garage I don't understand why was that please pray that she will forgive me and move on and we can be at peace in a relationship the holidays is coming up and she refused to have me do overnights please pray to God will touch your heart change your heart around where I could do overnights again at the house that we can be a family again like we were in the past please pray I live in group home please pray I don't lose my house and for any other sake I'm afraid of losing my house and being homeless on the streets I have fear in that please pray I don't lose my aunt in Florida as a family she is my conservator and she pays my rent if I lose her I have nobody in my life please pray I don't lose my income my medication come my state income I almost lost it in the past cuz of issue problems I could have been homeless out in the streets and had nowhere to go my conservator was going to give up on me and not be in my life please but I don't lose that state money to make for me to live on and survive please pray I don't lose my aunt as my conservative please pray she would always be in my life that we never lose each other cuz she's the only family I got please pray for my sister Amanda please pray that we don't lose each other or fall apart then we spend more time together and be together more she lives in Connecticut the same state I live in please pray she would always be there for me when I need her please pray for my pets think I will protect them and watch watch over them people want to kill them and harm them and now people tried to kill them and harm them and I'm trying to protect them please pray for them for their safety in her house in the house please pray for my pet my pet mouses I feed them and take care of them and I don't want to own it to know I'm doing it cuz I can get caught and lose my house and it sounds crazy but they're God's creatures I love all God's nature and creatures how many angels sent from heaven to protect his creatures I believe that I worry about them getting caught and getting killed there was plenty of them got killed it was so cold it broke my heart seeing that it got me very angry and very upset because I love all God's creatures amen

Received: September 17, 2023

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