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Good morning everyone, I come with a few request. I know the power of prayer, and I just need others praying for these causes too. I feel so needy, but God encourages us to ask for help. Sometimes that is a struggle for me.

First, as superficial as this may sound, I ask for prayer for my health and weight. I have been a nurse for several years, and now in the midst of all of this pandemic, I am half way through my Nurse Practitioner program. God has blessed me beyond belief. But with all the hours I spend behind the desk, working the hospital, working at the college with the RN students, being a mom and a wife at home leave little time for me to take care of myself. My will for that has shriveled. I am gaining weight, eating mindlessly while studying and I just feel like this is an area the devil has a stronghold on me right now. I do not feel like myself. I have always been a runner, and I have started running some, but again, I spend every second of every day following a calendar and a schedule to make it all happen. Please pray for balance in this. In health care I know better! You cannot save everyone else without saving yourself first. As a mother, a nurse and a woman in general, this is much more easier said than done.

Second, with all I mentioned above. My relationship with my family is nearly non-existent. We are together, but when I am home I am cooking, cleaning, and taking care of all their needs, I do not ever get to really just be with them anymore. I always have so many tasks to get done. It is so overwhelming. I ask for his renewed strength every day. But I feel weary, I see the light at the end, but Lord please fill my relationships with my son and husband with blessings. Show me where to cut things out so that we can all come together as a family and be with you and truly just enjoy each other and grow closer. They both are very supportive, but I think they just have no idea what I face every day. They just see it all being done and think "she is good." But I feel like I am losing them.

Third, I have a brother that is fighting hard to be free of guilt and depression. He has had a very difficult road and now is facing very intimidating mountains for home and I pray that God lifts his spirits and gives him the absolute confidence that he does not go ALONE! Father please saturate him with your love and strength to pull him from this!

Thank you all for your prayers. I have been praying for you all on here. Many blessings. Thank you Jesus for this opportunity of community in the midst of loneness. Amen.

Received: October 24, 2020

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