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Risky Places for your Card

Posted on October 17, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Opening your bank account to check your latest balance, you realize something is waaaay off. Not just a few dollars are missing, but a few HUNDRED are no where to be found. Sadly, you’ve been the victim of debit card scamming, and your identity may be in the balance as well.

Making sure this doesn’t become real life, here are a few places you may not want to use your debit card and either reach for the cash or check book:

  • Gas stations and outdoor ATM machines: Thieves can attach skimming devices to copy your card information, and then place a camera around the area where they can see you type in your PIN code.
  • The internet is another tricky place to put your debit card out in the open. Even though most shopping websites are safe and secure, make sure that it’s a trusted website with the Better Business Bureau behind it
  • And finally, a place where debit cards see the most use: Restaurants. When you give your card to the wait-staff, you’re taking a 50-50 chance that they’re actually just swiping it into the machine and charging you OR they’re writing down your information to use a little later on.


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