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The Easy Sin?

Posted on February 1, 2021
By Mike Harper

“Did you hear what she said?”

“He is so self-absorbed.”

“I can’t believe what she’s wearing.”

We’re very skilled at criticism. It’s our nature. A good way to measure our self-esteem would be to record ourselves and see how frequently we talk about those with whom we are friendly in person.

We probably gossip more than we think we do.

When a Christian gives a testimony, you won’t hear “slander” as a sin conquered, because few conquer it. It doesn’t get the press of its more popular competitors, drinking, smoking, and cussing.

“I used to habitually criticize my boss. But Jesus helped me defeat my addiction.” “God helped me kick the habit of talking about the way my neighbors raise their kids.” “I used to constantly accuse my in-laws of political hypocrisy. But Jesus gave me the victory.”

Said no one ever.

Gossip is the “Free Parking” sin we sweep under the rug to feel better about ourselves. If someone has a flaw, I can point it out, and by comparison look pretty good.

Let’s ask God to show us if there is ANY wicked way in us.

Now, can someone help me get this log out of my eye?


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