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Trust in God’s Plan

Posted on September 11, 2014
By Fletcher Jonson

When you’re not sure about where God is taking you, remember to trust His plan for your life! Jeremiah 29:11 is highlighted, triple underlined and the page is dog-eared and well-worn in my Bible! How about you?
Jeremiah 2911
My work world was turned upside down in July 2013 when I was laid off from my job. What now? Well, a few months later God opened a door here at KVNE and the extra time gave me the freedom to build my freelance writing business. But, as anyone working freelance knows, you have to juggle several part-time jobs to make ends meet. That’s the roadway He has me on right now and it’s a daily grasping of trust in Him that keeps me walking in the direction He is leading.

He said He knows the plans he has for me…

Plans to PROSPER me and NOT TO HARM me. To give me HOPE and a FUTURE. I hang onto that every time a bill comes in. Every time I have to fill up my gas guzzler. Every time I look in the pantry to make dinner. In those moments of trusting, I feel blessed and thankful for what He has given me and the opportunities that lie ahead, even when I don’t know what they are.

Many of you are facing much tougher challenges than this. Tragic circumstances. Heartbreaking loss. Take your Bible out and pray earnestly for His direction, for His highway signs. Then, remember and hang onto His promise in this verse daily…hourly or by the minute if you need His reassurance!