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TV Free Family Evenings

Posted on April 11, 2013
By Carrie Parsons

There are lots of things you can do together after dinner besides vegging in front of the “tube.” Try one of these TV-free family evening ideas to unwind together before bed:

1. Board Games and Puzzles. They’ve stood the test of time for a reason—they’re engaging, challenging, and fun! If your crew is tired of your current board game selection, invest in a couple of new games to reignite the fun.

2. Get Crafty. With the zillions of great craft ideas at our fingertips on sites like Pinterest, it’s easier than ever to find something that your family make together. As the holidays draw closer, you could turn out some spiffy new decorations!

3. Wii Tournament. If you own a Nintendo Wii game console, there are lots of good family-fun games available that keep you laughing and moving.

4. Book Time. Little kids love a bedtime story, but you don’t always have to wait until bedtime! Grab a great book (think Charlotte’s Web or The Chronicles of Narnia…or get ideas from our awesome Book List!) and read it aloud to your kids, one chapter per night. We promise, they’ll beg you to keep going when the chapter ends!

5. Baking. The business of the regular day may not allow time for making some of your family’s favorite sweet treats. Invite your junior chefs into the kitchen after dinner and whip up something delicious for dessert (and tomorrow’s lunchbox!).

6. Living Room Camp Out. Pitch a tent in the den and let the kids pile in with sleeping bags and jammies. Enjoy some camp snacks and tell stories. Giggling guaranteed.

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