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Terms & Conditions

Families & Children: While we most definitely LOVE families and children, PraiseShare is a working environment, as is your training time. Therefore, we cannot have anyone present during training who is not actively participating and scheduled to volunteer. Also, while your family is welcome to drop by to say "hi" while you're volunteering, children under 18 and those who have not completed our training cannot be allowed to stay in the PhoneZone. Thank you for understanding! Background Check: As Encouragement Media Group volunteers will be required to handle the credit card and banking information of our donors, it is the policy of Encouragement Media Group to require a background check for all who wish to volunteer for our fundraisers. By checking the box, you are authorizing Encouragement Media Group to investigate your background for purposes of evaluating whether you are qualified for the position for which you are volunteering. You understand that Encouragement Media Group will utilize an outside firm to assist it in checking such information, and you specifically authorize such an investigation by information services and outside entities of the company’s choice. You also understand that you may withhold your permission and that in such a case, no investigation will be done, and your request for volunteering will not be processed further.

Where do I go for PraiseShare?

PraiseShare and PraiseShare training will be at the Encouragement Media Group studio, which is located at 7695 Old Jacksonville Hwy. Tyler, TX 75703.
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