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“Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” — Philippians 2:9-11 Listen to chapter Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica. Powered by BibleGateway.com.


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Cheap Summertime Fun for Kids

Your kids are out of school! How can you keep them entertained when you have a tight budget? Here’s some great ideas compliments of KaixinFun.com that will cost you under $10:


-Exploding paint bags can be a messy, fun art project for your kids.
-Make roads for toy cars by using colored tape on carpet.
-Turn your driveway into a fun target game using chalk and sponges.
-Have extra bubble wrap? Make stomp paintings.
-Cut up a tarp with scissors to make a cheap throwing game.
-Create a quiet, safe game of Jenga by using cut-up sponges.
-Go camping indoors and let your kids’ imaginations run wild.
-Make a mini bowling game with pencil erasers and marbles.
-Make soap clouds by putting a bar of soap into the microwave.
-Balloon ping pong – make the paddles with paper plates and popscicle sticks.
-Hang Strands of painter’s tape across the doorway to make a fun, sticky spiderweb.
-Cut up a rectangle shaped box to make a stair slide.
-Cut a pool noodle in half to make a marble race track.
-Or use those pool noodles and chairs to create a backyard obstacle course.

Check out the whole list on their Website and make some great memories with your kids this summer!

Summer Fun For Kids Under $10

Shannon Ethridge on the Morning Show!

Shannon is a nationally known author and speaker on marital and spiritual intimacy and joined us for morning show merriment!

If I can just get through the morning without saying anything embarrassing we’ll be good. ~ Mike

Learn more about Shannon’s ministry at www.shannonethridge.com

1st Day of Summer Fun

It’s the first day of summer! Summer is most people’s favorite time of the year. School is out, the weather is warm (HOT here in East Texas) and it’s time to relax and recharge. Looking for ways to keep all the kids entertained? Care.com offers some summer fun ideas!

No.1 on the list:

-Make an ‘unplug pact’ and see if your family can take a break from all electronics together at least once a day.

-Throw a First Day of Summer Party
Make the backyard into a water park by turning a plastic tarp into a giant slip n’ slide, hanging a cluster of water balloons from the ceiling like a Pinata and giving everyone water guns for a splashing good time.

-Make a “Welcome to Summer” Fun Box
Create a kit that will help make this summer one to remember. Give kids a box filled with some of their favorite activities. It will provide inspiration for fun things to do, and will help keep them occupied during the warm weather months. Include things like sand toys, art supplies, games and books.

-Spoon Up Some Ice Cream

-Freshen Up Your Home
It’s work, yes, but we always feel better when the house is clean and uncluttered, right? Especially when all the neighborhood kids are in and out!

-Have a Picnic in the park

-Set up a Lemonade and Cookies Stand

-Play Ball!
Set a trend for an active summer and organize a baseball or softball game with family and friends.

-Fly a Kite

-Camp Out
Kick off summer with a night under the stars. Go camping in a state park or even your backyard. Do traditional fun camping things like grilling hot dogs and telling scary stories.

-Enjoy a Summer-themed Feast
What’s your favorite summertime treat? Maybe it’s homemade ice cream, BBQ ribs, burgers, s’mores or fresh fruits and veggies from your garden. Combine them in a meal that’s a toast to the season and reminds you of all the good times past and those to come over the next couple of months.

Whatever you do, just get outside and have some fun! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Care.com – 11 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

Evening Show Recap – June 18th

It’s a wrap-up tonight that’s sure to make you re-examine and maybe re-tool some things in life (hello sitting could lead to cancer…)


  • You’ve realized that your son’s blood pressure has been really high lately. But he’s only 14 years old!! Okay, how many caffeinated drinks is he having a week? If he’s been drinking anywhere from a full can of soda, a whole energy drink, or a cup of coffee a day, THIS is why his blood pressure is high. His heart rate could increase to dangerous levels as well. A sip here or there of the stuff, it’s ok. Everyday – not a good idea for guys 17 and younger

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KVNE Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 5

Today is the last day for our team at the Little House of Refuge. We spent the morning finishing up projects and spending as much time as we could with the kids. Joe, one of our KVNE listeners on the team, spent all morning grilling chicken for their lunch, and for these children it was a feast they rarely get here at the orphanage. Yesterday I shared that I would be meeting my sponsor child, Lupita. She’s in the 9th grade, love school and loves to read. With the help of one of our team members who speaks Spanish I was able to share with her that I was her sponsor. I’ll never forget the way her face lit up as she gave me a big hug. Meeting her being able to be a small part of her life was truly the highlight of this trip for me. As we left that evening, many of us had questions about the future of these kids. One of our interpreters Paola reminds us in our evening devotion that they are going to be OK. Each one of these precious children is going to be OK because God is with them through every circumstance. She reminds us that this trip was not about us, it wasn’t about the kids. It was about God, and that we need to keep Him at the center of our lives. We had an evening of sharing, and just listening as we went around the room it was so clear that God not only worked in the hearts of the kids but he’s been working in our hearts too.

Guatemala Lupita


KVNE Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 4

Guatemala boys2Guatemala boys

Its hard to believe we’ve been here four days now – the time is really flying as we continue to work at the Little House of Refuge. There are seven boys here at the orphanage. One thing they don’t have here is a male role model, so our Vacation Bible School focus for the boys has been on biblical manhood and what it means to be a man of God. It’s been so fun to watch all of the men in the group get excited about teaching these young boys. We continued to teach the girls about how God created them to be special, and as I looked around at them laughing and having fun making crafts I realized that tomorrow would be our last day with them. I could feel my heart getting heavy at the thought of saying goodbye. We’ve been a family for just a short season, and I’m reminded that after the goodbye hugs and the tears, there is an eternal “see you again” promise. The hugs seemed to be tighter as we left today, and on our bus ride back to the hotel I made the decision to sponsor one of the children at Little House. Her name is Lupita. I can’t wait to tell her tomorrow that I’m her sponsor!

KVNE Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 3

It’s day three for our Guatemala team, and we’re starting to work on projects like murals, building shelves, painting a sports court for the kids and vacation bible school. By now we are really getting to know the children and why they came to the Little House of Refuge. I spent some time with Odalis, she is 14 years old and has been at the orphanage about a year. She comes from an abusive home, and has her 3 year old daughter Esther here as well. Odalis is learning to read, she likes to cook and help around the house. She often feels alone and unwanted – a lot of the children feel like that because of coming from bad situations at home. That’s why our vacation bible school focus for the girls this week is about how special we are to God. We used beautiful butterflies to share “En Christo Somas Nuavas Criaturas”, In Christ we are new creations. Just like a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, when we accept Christ into our hearts we become new, beautiful creations. Tomorrow I’ll share about the boys VBS.

Guatemala mural Guatemala ODalis


KVNE Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 2

Guatemala M and V Guatemala Mitch and Heidi Guatemala Rosita

On day two of our mission trip we started early on our four hour bus ride to the city of Xela, where we will be serving at The Little House of Refuge . It was great to get to know some of our team members better and find out what brought them on this trip to minister to orphans. Migdalia and her sister Veronica recently lost their mom, and in leu of flowers received gifts to take this trip in their mom’s honor. Mitch and his wife are a young couple thinking about adoption, and wanted to take a trip where they could love on kids. And then there are the ones who have been on this trip before, who are so in love with these children and helping them. When we arrived at the orphanage all I could do was watch these reunions – with lots of hugs, smiles and tears. We unpacked supplies, played with the children and planned for the projects we’d be doing the rest of the week. Remember as a kid when we’d just run and play until it was time to come in? Playing with the kids made me think back to that time.  I remember it wasn’t as exhausting way back then, but it was definitely just as fun.  Tomorrow we’ll be starting work projects, which includes vacation bible school for the kids.


KVNE Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 1


Our first day we flew into Guatemala City, where we visited Precious Moments, a school and orphanage. Continue reading →

Evening Show Recap – June 17th

pea soupHappy Eat Your Vegetables Day!! Not yanking your chain–this is actually a holiday. And what better way to celebrate then to point out what veggies you NEVER want to eat again. Everything from okra, to kale, and quite a few of beet-dislikers filled the Facebook page, probably trying to figure out ways to avoid the vegetables as much as possible.

For myself, not a fan of the radishes or beets – everything else is fair game in my tummy! And if served in a bread bowl…even better!

Yes, we talked Vegetables, but a few more things on tonight’s show:

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