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“[Christ Crucified Is God’s Power and Wisdom] For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” — 1 Corinthians 1:18 Listen to chapter Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica. Powered by BibleGateway.com.


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Watch Out for Too Much Technology

me and cell phone

With every status you post, you wait to see how many “Likes” you can get. Seconds feel like minutes, and than you notice you’ve been staring at a computer screen for 10 minutes, waiting on a thumb’s up to justify a sentence you decided to write. Technology has sucked you in, and this is your time to take a break. I say this, knowing from personal experience, that even though the tech around us can help in many situations, it can wreck you too. That’s why it’s good to be on the lookout of signs that are clearly saying, “Back away from the gadget, stat!” Some of those signs have nicely been pointed out by blogger Nicole Fabian-Weber, and could come in handy (especially when a moment of denial hits):


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Jesus and Peter talking about Grace

If you’re having trouble understanding what Grace means, check out The Skit Guys  ”Grace”.  Just click here for the link. Happy Easter!

Easter Story Hunt

Kids love to hunt for Easter eggs! Here’s a game where your kids can hunt for eggs – but instead of candy they will actually learn the Easter story.


Click here for all the FUN details!

Slowing the Aging Process…with Food!

The idea of “Aging with Grace” is something that many would love to do. Personally, looking at my mother, who’s over 55, I know I would LOVE to look like her at her age (trust me, the lady looks like she’s in her 40′s)! Yes, you could use serums, stay out of the sun, put on sunscreen, and probably try 20 different exercise techniques that “work,” but what about the things you and I eat. Yes, it’s been proven that there are a few foods that actually slow the aging process down, and give you the nutrients you need every day anyways!


Pomegranate Juice

Studies show that a glass of pomegranate juice a day could keep the wrinkles at bay. Pomegranate has previously been linked to the prevention of heart disease and stress relief, but now researchers have found that the fruit juice also slows down the natural oxidation (“wear and tear”) of DNA.

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It’s Been 1 Year?!?!

While many see today as the very dreaded TAX DAY, I can’t help but feel giddy. Well, for one reason, the hubby already did our taxes for us (first time doing joint tax return, oooo). But the bigger reason is that this chica has officially been part of KVNE and KGLY for 1 Full Year!

Station fun1

Just like a kid slightly nervous and definitely excited for Christmas morning or that first day at a new school, I remember I struggled with sleep the Sunday before my first day here at the station last year. And yes, I even laid out my outfit for the next day that night (don’t judge)! That morning, I didn’t know if my stomach was making noise because it wanted food or wanted to push food far, far away. But I can tell you, once I walked in through the front doors at 2721 East Erwin St, this peace and reassurance just filled my every bone. I knew God had made this place home.


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Baby Shower Gifts to Avoid

If it isn’t wedding invitations coming in the mail, the baby announcements are plastering your fridge, right next to your grandkid’s zebra drawing and the reminder to go to the dentist in 2 days. As exciting as it is to have a friend, child or sibling welcome a new life into the world, you have to be careful to not go overboard with the presents. It can be easy to do, seeing that every store and garage sale seems to have baby stuff “on sale” just at the right time.

Benji Birthday

Yeah, I’m not a proud aunt or anything…



How do I know this phenomenon seeing that I don’t have any children of my own? Here writes an older sister who was all about grabbing onesies, toys, and blankets galore for her brand new nephew! The sale section at Walmart and Target very much could have been my enemy, but a little voice inside said, “Your sister already has that for the kid.” That same voice is going to have to come in again as I prepare for nephew #2.



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A Guy’s Perspective on Prom

It’s prom season.

My beautiful daughter, Kristin, will be going to her senior prom in a few weeks. She and her friends are dress shopping today. For the girls going to prom tonight, you already have the perfect dress and you’re in a last minute rush of updos, makeup and mani/pedis and finding the perfect spot for prom pictures. For the guys, you have to pick her up, get the boutonniere on and impress her father.

Well, I thought I’d share something today just for the guys stressing over asking – or taking – that special girl to prom. A perspective from a guy who’s been there. It’s from the Deeper Devotion blog.

The author writes, “I never dated in high school, but I had one major crush that lasted from sophomore to senior year. Kelly had beautiful,
blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, and a gorgeous smile. I wanted to date Kelly more than any girl I knew. I wrote a love poem to her that I always kept in my back pocket, waiting for the opportunity to give it to her.

Prom time rolled around and I decided it was my last chance. I called Kelly up and asked her to the prom. She said yes! Kelly looked beautiful on prom night and I loved just being with her. On the way to our After Prom we sat silent, driving through the dark countryside. My heart was
beating straight through my chest. I realized this was the only time I
would ever have Kelly’s complete attention. I had to tell her how I felt
about her. Finally, I broke the silence. I tried to explain my feelings,
stumbling over my words, and Kelly just sat there watching me. I bombed. We got to After Prom and things were awkward the rest of the night.

At the next track meet I found out she was dating one of the track athletes. On the dark bus ride home I sat in stunned silence. I pulled the love letter to Kelly out of my pocket. I stared at it for a while—then I took a bite, chewed, and swallowed. I took another bite, and then another. I bit off piece after piece, word after word, washing it all down with Powerade until the entire piece of paper was gone.

Kelly would never read my love letter.

I’ve learned a lot about girls, relationships, and myself since then. I know that sometimes you just have to learn things the hard way and even if
you heard the truth you might not listen, but if I could go back in time, this is what I would tell myself:

Crushes are disappointing, no matter what the outcome. If things go badly, you get turned down, or worse, ignored. If things go well, you may start seeing each other. But then one day it hits you: this guy or girl is nowhere near the amazing person you thought they were. Kelly was not the girl God had for me. I spent so much time, energy, and emotion crushing on a girl and now there’s nothing to show for it – not even a love letter.

Guys, you can read his full blog post here:
I Ate My Love Letter

Remember what the Bible says about being the Lord’s “approved workman” in 2 Timothy 2:22:

So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.

Dear Family and Friends

Dear family and friends,

I want you to know that I arrived okay.
Please do not be sad because I’m out of sight,
And, remember that I’m with you morning, noon and night.
When I got here, my host greeted me and said, “Welcome. It’s good to have you back again. You were missed while you were gone, but we need you here as part of my big plan.”
There are rocky roads ahead for you and many hills to climb,
But, he says with his guidence, you will make it, one day at a time.
Be comforted in this truth: You will see me again.
In this place where there are no tears and no more pain.

God sends his love

What is going On? Praise Sharewhat?!

It’s called PraiseShare and it’s the time of year when KVNE/KGLY suspends regular programming to encourage listeners to give to the ministry.  It’s the way the stations fund the rest of the year budget.

So, if you’re not used to a noncommercial station and have mostly listened to the ones that play loads and loads of commercials then you are probably wondering “why do you have to do that!? Other stations don’t ask me to donate”  You’re right, the commercials stations don’t ask you to donate because they live on the money the advertisers pay to get their commercials on air.  But, remember, we are a noncommercial station.

Noncommercial stations couldn’t play commercials if we wanted to…and by the way, we don’t want to.  We can use that time that would have gone to commercials (typically 12-15 minutes an hour for a lot of commercials stations) to play more music that honors God, to pray with listeners, to share scripture and to share stories of what God is doing in our lives. Now, that is SO much better than spending the time listening to a commercial to either grow hair or laser remove it!

But even though Praise Share is a fund raiser, it’s so much more than that to me.  If all we did was talk about money and ask people to give I wouldn’t want to do it for one day much less for these next two weeks! But, it’s more about the people than the money.  It’s about the volunteers who come in before the crack of dawn to man the phones for free, talking to people who share their same love of the station.  Many times it sounds like by the time the phone call between the donor and the volunteer is over – the two are old friends!  They share stories and prayer requests and the love of the Lord along with that donation.

It’s about the giving listeners who each have their own story as to why they listen, what brought them to Christian radio in the first place, or how the station’s music and message saved their life, their marriage or their heart! It’s about the people that say since they’ve been giving to the station they feel so much more a part of the work God is doing through the station…like when someone calls in and asks Christ into their life because of what they’ve heard on the air…they feel like they were a part of that!  I love the way the giving listeners refer to the station as “my station, or OUR station” because they feel ownership of the work here!  Wow! that gets me excited!

It’s about the people who in the future will want and need a station like KVNE/KGLY in their life and may never know that those who call these next two weeks to give were the ones to provide this blessing for future generations!

And….it’s about the staff working, tirelessly and happily because they spend every day watching God do miraculous things through the work of the radio station.  They are working more than 12 hour days during Praise Share but they do it like it was a gift to them to get to work it.

That’s why I don’t want you to think this is just another one of those fund raisers!  Because I promise you it is so much more than that – it’s about people, love, God and YOU.

So What’s going on? ….. Honestly?  What’s going on is God’s children are working together to make sure that His name is being lifted up in East Texas.  The money is being raised…but so is the name of Jesus, so are the people listening on the radio, and so are the volunteers and staff in house.

What is God Telling You That You Need to Hear?

Today’s morning show topic caused me to take a hard look. God is telling me to let go of the things I love. My plans? Turn them loose! It’s all His! And He promises that if we’ll take delight in Him, He’ll give us the desires of our hearts. I SO needed to hear that!