Posted on September 19, 2022
By Mike Harper


If you’ve ever had this experience you know. Somebody gets hold of your account and sends out bogus messages claiming to be you. What they hope to gain is another matter. Suffice to say the result is at least a colossal hassle, at worst an identity theft, complete with financial peril.

“Hey, you know you’ve been hacked?” come the multiple messages from well-meaning family and friends. You post your regrets to everyone, and even with that the evil, faceless hackers comment pretending to care, sending even more links that will inevitably send you into cyberspace turmoil.

The enemy of our souls operates in a similar fashion. He approaches us as a friend with only intentions of greed and destruction.

Just as a message from a Facebook friend with an unusual request seems out of the ordinary and should be viewed with caution and distance, keep your eyes open to the devil’s schemes. It may look like an easy million, a business opportunity, or a pretty woman.

Be alert. He means us harm. The Bible says he prowls like a lion looking for people to devour. Don’t let him hack you.

He can’t if you keep your eyes on God!



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