Posted on March 27, 2023
By Mike Harper

Top Ten Lessons Learned in Israel

I was recently blessed with a trip to Israel! What an adventure! I think everyone should experience excursions into other cultures. It helps you appreciate what you have.

But beyond the obvious gifts we enjoy, there are some more ambiguous pleasantries, and I’ve learned several lessons. In fact, I’ve compiled the:

Top Ten Lessons Learned in Israel

10. I can lose my phone anywhere in the world.

9. Lois is beautiful against the sunrise of the Dead Sea.

8. I’ve seen the future because in Israel it’s already tomorrow.

7. Even in Israel they know what the #1 is at McDonald’s.

6. The Sea of Galilee is about one third the size of Lake Palestine but the fishing is better.

5. A trip to Israel is worth the 12 hour plane ride despite the sleep-talking guy sitting next to me who kept calling me mommy.

4. Traffic in Jerusalem is worse than First Monday.

3. A haircut in Jerusalem is only 15 bucks (so I got two).

2. Orthodox Jews don’t think I’m funny.

And the #1 lesson learned in Israel:

“You can sense the presence of God in Israel, but you don’t have to go to Israel to sense the presence of God.”


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