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2020: A Tragicomedy

Posted on October 6, 2020
By Mike Harper

As we enter its final quarter, many say 2020 can’t end too soon. So, with high hopes for 2021, what will we remember about the year we wish wasn’t? Besides the obvious answers, a few facts you may not have considered.

COVID, for all its tragedy, evolution, and controversy, certainly proved one thing. We look absolutely ridiculous in these masks.

Politicians spent so much time accusing each other of being politicians, they actually reached the point where they are officially no longer politicians. (Only OTHER politicians are politicians.)

Professional sports’ wake-up slap. They shut down, tried to salvage some semblance of a season, and nobody was allowed to come. Turns out nobody cared.

One positive take away from this unprecedented year? We’ve done more self-reflection than ever. Many have sought physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort from God: The ultimate Healer.


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