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4 More Songs, Four More Songs!!

Posted on October 18, 2018
By Nikki Martinez
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Nikki Martinez
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First off, want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped out in any way with our Fall PraiseShare. There’s a lot of moving pieces always, and your help is always needed (whether financially or prayerfully), so thank you, thank you, thank you for your help!!

Now that the PraiseShare fun is done, we can keep the train going with some NEW MUSIC! None of these lovely artists need an introduction…but we’ll give them a little one anyways 🙂

Casting Crowns, “Only Jesus”

Your life and aaallll that you do in it…does it matter? That’s the defining question this crew from Georgia wants us to think about in this new track (off an album I’m not sure when will hit stores). I’ve always said Casting Crown’s lyrics are convicting and will hit you in the gut, and this song is no different. Especially in a world where we feel we need a certain amount of “Likes” or “Subscribers” or “Followers,” this song makes us question that all. If we claim to be Christ followers, shouldn’t that be the ONLY thing that matters? A little heads-up: you actually may get to see this song live if you’ve already got tickets to the State Fair on the 20th (they’re playing a few fairs until they head on the road for their Christmas Tour).

Dan Bremnes, “Wherever I Go”

Even though he’s been under-the-radar the last few years, Dan hasn’t stopped working on music (even though he thought it might be coming to a close at one point). In this new song, Dan does a great job painting a musical picture of what many of us know, but still struggle with – that God actually WANTS to be with us. And speaking of pictures, this song is EPICALLY brought to life with the music video below (not gonna lie, gave me some God-bumps). Right now he’s wrapping-up the Fall concert tour he’s been on with Unspoken and Plumb, but don’t worry, if you didn’t get to see him perform, you might during WinterJam 2019!

Ginny Owens, “Remind Me”

She’s BACK! Ginny has been part of CCM Radio for almost 2 decades, and you probably know her big songs “If You Want Me Too,” “Free” and “I Wanna Be Moved.” But did you know that she studied writing for 9 months at Columbia, taught Middle Schoolers music, helped take care of her mom who was fighting breast cancer, and launched a nonprofit?! This woman has been BUSY…but still found time to write new music, and we’re excited about that. Here’s the latest from this talented lady, making us stop and remember who we REALLY are in Christ.

TobyMac, “Everything”

The man with a sound no one can copy…and a new record that just hit stores (called “The Elements”). TobyMac brings a little soul with this latest song, with a message that we should focus on each and every day: God is in ALL THINGS around us, each day. If you’re heading to Shreveport in November, you may get a chance to catch Toby and Diverse City, playing this one live, on the 18th. But until then, here’s the music video!

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