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Ways To Romance Your Husband

Posted on February 8, 2016
By Carrie Parsons

We can always use another good idea for romancing our husband, right? Here are some ways to romance your husband you might not have thought of, from iMom.com.

1. Hide a love note in his wallet.
2. Send a sweet text message for no reason at all.
3. Invite him on a date for a change.
4. Let him talk without interrupting.
5. Cook his favorite dinner.
6. Make sure his favorite clothes are clean and ready to wear.
7. Show interest in his work.
8. Watch the whole game with him.
9. Wear perfume.
10. Laugh at his jokes, even the bad ones.
11. Tell him he looks extra handsome.
12. Let him enjoy his hobby guilt-free.
13. Play songs you both loved when you were dating.
14. Praise him in front of the kids.
15. Praise him in front of his friends.
16. Kiss him when he walks in the door.
17. Kiss him when he walks out the door.
18. Kiss him when he gets anywhere near the door.
19. Let the kids eat in front of the TV one night and have a nice, adults only dinner.
20. Let him make the call on parenting decisions without second guessing.
21. Bring him breakfast in bed.
22. Choose the pretty nightgown over the flannel PJ’s—even if it’s cold.
23. When you tell him you’ll do something, follow through.
24. Meet him at the door so that you can greet him before the children pile on.
25. Have supper going so the house smells great when he walks in.
26. Light a candle in the bedroom.
27. Buy him his favorite snack or beverage.
28. Fix up a travel mug of coffee just the way he likes it before he heads out the door.
29. Act like you’ve never heard his story before—even when you have.
30. Tell him how proud he makes you.
31. Hold his hand when he least expects it.
32. Encourage him to do something with his friends.
33. Let him roughhouse with the kids without scolding.
34. Feel his muscles.
35. Wink at him.


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