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7-Minute Workout for Any Busy Body

Posted on July 16, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Even without children in my life, an hour or 2 at the gym seems to be the hardest thing these days. For some (maybe yourself), when the words “Gym” or “Exercise” come into a conversation, all you can think is, “The Gym? Ain’t Got Time for That!!”

Now, THIS may give you the workout you want, for the time you have…or don’t have much of. It’s called the Scientific 7-Minute Workout, which the diagram is right here to help:

7 minute workout

Sheri Reed at The Stir tried it out for herself, and here’s what she gathered after about a month of doing it:

  • Improved endurance: I started out the 7-Minute Workout being able to do about 15 seconds of wall sit (Exercise #2) and exactly three “girl” push-ups (Exercise #3 modified for a weakling “girl” like me). After one month, I’m up to a full 30 seconds of wall sit and 31 “girl” push-ups. Thirty-one up-downs with my arms, people! In fact, I can do almost every exercise twice as many times in 30 seconds as I could when I started.
  • Motivation: Because I’m only committed to seven minutes a day, I usually have no problem taking on a little more each time. I push myself to do a little more each day and am now working out for about 11 minutes a day.
  • Less excuses: This seven-minute darling has actually stumped my excuse maker (and I have a really good one). I don’t know what’s happening here, but I cannot seem to convince myself that I don’t have seven minutes on any given day.
  • More water: Exercise makes me want water. I even put off or skip my morning coffee sometimes now. WHAT???
  • Definition: Okay, it’s like so so tiny, but I promise I can see a certain little arm muscle now that I never knew I had.
  • A stronger voice inside my head: This tiny commitment is doing great work on the negative voice inside my head that always tends to say “I can’t, I can’t.” I know I can do seven minutes each day of the week. It’s a small goal but one I know I can accomplish. Knowing that feels good and makes me push a little harder to get more into those seven minutes each time. Just one more tricep dip (Exercise #7) than last time … just a few more seconds holding that side plank (Exercise #12).
  • A nicer voice inside my head: We all know we feel better after exercising (when it’s OVER!!! not during!!!). We feel less guilty and less tired. We feel stronger and happier and better in general. This is real. I would not lie to you. Pride in oneself goes a long way. Don’t underestimate it.


What excuses have you used recently with working out? Feel free to leave your comment below! ~Nikki 🙂


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