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A Day In The Life of KVNE

Posted on March 13, 2023
By Mike Harper
The alarm goes off at about 3:50 am. Shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and coffee, and be at work before 5. The broadcast day begins.

5:00: I open the mic.

Nothing too deep, just a faux drive-through reenactment. A wake-up call to say, “White chocolate mocha, please… Make it a Venti.”

Next are a couple of informational breaks about weather and station events. Add scripture to encourage whoever may share a crazy early start time. My friend Royce used to say, “God ain’t even up yet.”

During that 5:00 hour, I spend some time in the Word, preparing content for the show, and coffee. Allow me to emphasize the coffee. The rest of the Dawn Patrol is My Friend Fletch from Lift Worship and Naty from Fuzion, and my co-host and producer of quality control since the late 50s, Carrie Parsons.

6:00: “Mike and Carrie in the Morning” officially begins.

Carrie is usually “a little late”, which has become a running gag. Not late for the broadcast, but later than me, which makes me happy. She’s a great sport. I’m thankful she always brings her “A game”, and never complains. She usually chooses the topic and produces 99% of the audio clips you hear from listeners, the bread and butter of the program. She rocks.

We actually started doing mornings together in 2008. We’ve come to know each other so well we can literally finish each other’s… sandwiches. But she really could finish my sentences because she can see my punch lines coming a mile down Old Jacksonville Highway.

7:00 Weather, promotions, topic

Marriage, parenting, scripture, odd food combinations, and the weirdest place you’ve fallen asleep are just a few of the topics we might tackle. We cover as much as we can, under the grid of encouragement. There are lots of hard-hitting topics we could talk about, and they have their place. But our calling is glorifying God, encouraging people, connecting our community, and pointing people to Jesus.

8:00 – Momentum

Along the way like to laugh, so we include, bits like “This or That”, where I ask Carrie to choose between two random items. These are hopefully tough decisions to make on live radio, and hilarity often ensues. Then there are “Fun Facts”, from the fictional headquarters of the “Federal Bureau of Miscellaneous Information”. Also random, seldom factual, but always fun.

But the core of the show is Jesus and you. When you call and tell your stories about life, we smile. Some are hilarious, some make us cry. Some ask for prayer, and we pray right there on the air.

9:00 It’s a crazy, fast-paced morning

Complete with lots of phone calls, Facebook, and a couple of pots of coffee. Sometimes it gets so hectic we make mistakes. It’s often funny, and sometimes a bit overwhelming. But God gives grace, and we try to do the same for each other.

10:00 – Done. High fives. Back to real life.

Doing a morning show with somebody is kind of like being locked in a room for four hours with a bunch of really cool toys. It’s a total blast! But if it’s going to work, it’s like you tell your kids:

You have to share.


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