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A Song About Baseball

Posted on March 13, 2018
By Mike Harper
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An old Bob Bennett song comes up in my feed every year about this time. It’s baseball season, and “A Song About Baseball” is not about balls and strikes, statistics, or league standings. It’s about a kid in little league.

If you were a kid like me, you tried out for baseball because everybody tried out for baseball. We lived in a baseball town, so it’s what boys did.

I’ve loved the game since I can remember, and I played baseball or softball for about 20 years. It’s an easy game to love, but not as easy to play well.

I did okay, but my older brothers were much better athletes than I was. I didn’t have to, but I allowed myself to feel pressure to perform at their level and I never achieved that.

Baseball can take you to euphoric heights, and baseball can bring devastating heartbreak. It depends on you. There’s a mental toughness and a certain amount of perspective required.

I had a tendency to equate my success on the field with my self-worth. That was a mistake. And that’s where “A Song About Baseball” comes in! Singing about his dad, Bob Bennett says he could strike out or be a complete failure at baseball, but “…none of it mattered after the game, when my father would find me and call out my name.”
“He loved me no matter how I played.”

Regardless of the mistakes you’ve made, your Heavenly Father is calling out your name, too. And He loves you… no matter how you’ve played.

A Song about Baseball

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