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A Tree Side Hug

Posted on August 15, 2021
By Mike Harper

Here’s something you may take for granted. I know I did.

I’m walking through the neighborhood. I’m driving down the road. Everywhere I look. Suddenly I noticed, there was something all around me, all the time, and it’s always been there.


Stay with me on this. Take them in. Consider. God created them waaaaay back on the third day of creation. There are so many kinds, shapes, sizes. There are so many different blossoms, buds, cones, berries, and leaves.

Everywhere. Look outside. Some have been there for decades, even centuries, towering over everything. Some have birds nesting. Some have squirrels searching for nuts. They’ve been there in that same place. While the whole crazy world around them changes, they remain.

God made these beautiful, majestic, productive, living things to adorn His awesome creation for our enjoyment and use. Of course, I’ve seen them all my life.

And I just noticed them.

Along with all the other wonderful components of what He’s made, the flowers, the animals, and all the beautiful people, the trees are among the largest and most prolific. And they’re at every turn.
Absolutely gorgeous.

And they’re just another reminder of what God did way back in Genesis 1. He saw all that He had made…

And it was very good.


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