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And We’re Back…With New Music

Posted on April 24, 2019
By Nikki Martinez
Nikki Martinez 89.5 KVNE Middays

I know it was about 2 weeks ago that we wrapped-up Spring PraiseShare, but us here at KVNE (and our sister station KGLY) just can’t thank YOU enough for all your help!! If you didn’t hear, this was a record-breaking PraiseShare, and to be able to continue to play the music you love and be here in the community with you, those finances raised were needed (and will definitely help). Also, the money goes into research to add new songs that YOU want to hear…which just so happened to be these 3 new ones. Hope you enjoy!

Switch, “Symphony”

If you have a Smartphone, then you may have the pretty famous YouVersion Bible App. Well, did you know that the App was actually created by the church that formed this band? I know, it’s a weird connection, but hear me out: the YouVersion Bible App was created and released by a CHURCH, Life.Church specifically, located in Edmond, OK. Well, Life.Church has a student ministry called Switch, which has a worship band that put out this song! Oh how crazily-connected things are 😀 But really, this is the first single from the worship band out of Life.Church, which, here’s the lead singer, Cassidy, giving you a little more about the track:

Cochren & Co., “Church”

Over the years, Gotee Records (TobyMac’s record label with his 2 buds) has found some incredible talent. And they aren’t stopping anytime soon…or that seems to be the case with this crew! Led by Michael Cochren (and his wife Leah), this band is bringing some southern soul to this first hit out the gate. Michael is usually leading worship at his hometown church in Indiana, but has also started to get on the road a little with names like Michael W. Smith and the Newsboys!! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Pat Barrett, “Build My Life”

This is the 3rd song, and the title track, from Pat’s first full album, and you’ve probably heard it already on Sunday Mornings. Well, after putting it on the Music Crew survey, y’all couldn’t help but tell us you wanted to hear it more than just Sundays, and we listened. Here’s Pat in his own words breaking down the song:


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