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Are You a Good Person?

Posted on January 12, 2021
By Mike Harper

Of course you are! (Maybe compared to most?)


But the world! A mess! So much hate. So many selfish people. So much hypocrisy! Sure, nobody’s imperfect. But we’re not THAT bad, right?


So, can we even live up to our own standards? Sadly, I can’t.


We all like to think we’re honest, fair, and well meaning. (By the way, the “hypocrites” feel likewise!)


Politicians are an easy target. They live a double standard, call each other names, and childishly cry “he started it” on the world stage.


You and I only do it with family and close friends.


Sometimes I feel I’ve grown past such self-righteousness. In so doing, I’ve just fallen back into it.


Have you ever criticized somebody who has something you want? Complimented someone who’s in a position to help you? Ignored a need knowing nobody would notice…?


Ouch. Okay. I’ll stop.


Don’t beat yourself up. But let’s not beat others up either. We tend to want grace for ourselves and justice for others. How about grace for others?


And let God handle the justice.


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